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Remote Digital I/O Control Solution

Sollae Systems' I/O solution gives you to monitor digital input signal and control output signal from a remote location via web browser or the solution related software. You may use the solution to set up an Internet Switch with two I/O device servers. When the solution and Data Integration Server (IDIS-200) are combined, you can simultaneously manage a number of I/O signals.

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IO solution main

I/O Device Server

8 x digital input and output port
Durable steel case
Dry contact adapter (optional)



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4 x digital input and output port
Wide range of power input (DC8.5V ~ 38V, terminal block)
Dry contact adapter (optional)

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Compact size and cost-effective
1 x digital output port
1 x digital input port (dry contact)
1 x digital input port (wet contact)



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4 x digital I/O ports
1 x RS232/RS422/RS485
PHPoC interpreter embedded
Industrial temperature range (-40℃~+85℃)



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4 x digital I/O ports
Personalized custom product
Wired/wireless LAN selectable



Compact module type
8 x digital input ports (3.3V CMOS)
8 x digital output ports (3.3V CMOS)
1 x ADC port



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I/O Data Integration Server

IoT Data Integration Server gathers dispersed data in the server to use it from multiple applications.
IoT Data Integration Server provides a standardized interface which modularizes system through collaboration between specialized companies, and it results of easier maintenance and expansion of a system.

cloud server

· It collects data from multiple remote devices in one place
· It modularizes system through collaboration between specialized companies
· It makes up to 32 connections to applications at a time
· It makes up to 100 connections to IoT gateways
· It uses IDIS Maker/Viewer (an application program)

Built-in Sollae Systems developed OS
Dual power (AC 100V ~ 240V)
Redundant operation
Remote IoT gateway emergency reset function
19inches standard rack type



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ModMap is a Windows software for management of I/O device servers.
It monitors digital input values, and controls the digital output values.

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· It manages multiple I/O device servers simultaneously
· It efficiently handles a lot of devices by using grouping function
· It has a function of backup and restore the setting as a binary file

IDIS Maker/Viewer

IDIS Maker/Viewer is an application program for Windows® to manage and control remote I/O devices and IoT gateways that are connected to the IDIS-200.

iot software

· You can configure the monitoring and controlling screen
· You can configure multiple screens
· You can control digital output port by ON, OFF, Toggle, or Pulse
· You can send a notification message, sound alarm, or an E-mail when the status of input or output changes
· You can provide a scheduling function to help users appoint regular tasks