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ezVSP is a virtual serial port driver and TCP/IP socket program for Windows O/S.

circle   The followings are what ezVSP does.

  - Making multiple virtual serial ports (Maximum 255 ports) on your PC

  - Converting serial data to TCP/IP format and vice versa

  - Three communication types (TCP Server, TCP Client and UDP)

  - Data forwarding function between two virtual serial ports

  - Emulating baud rate

  - Log record function

circle   ezVSP has features like the below.

  - Adding network connectivity to your existing system without any changes

  - Being offered for free of charge to customers

Download the latest version
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Version(Release Date) 5.0A (2017-11-09)
History - Improved: Update virtual serial port driver(version 9).

- If you want old versions, contact us at

- Due to the nature of the ezVSP program, it may not work properly on some computers. Be sure to check that the program works properly before purchasing the product.

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