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Security technology and services market has been growing rapidly. It is expected to grow to more every year. The growth is partly due to interest in a new set of emerging security technologies and a return of more capable defenses that address mobile security, authentication weaknesses and threats to security. In this section, learn how Sollae Systems products can contribute a variety of security sectors.

Security Monitoring Remote monitoring of data from a main controller of security devices.
Parking Lot Access Sensing Monitor and check operation status of the main controller in real time to safely maintain security system.
Fire Alarm Monitoring Add network capability to a fire alarm receiver to feasible remote monitoring which helps to improve efficiency of status check.
CCTV Management Turn on and off CCTV remotely.
Outdoor Security Set up an outdoor security system by connecting with sensors as a micro wave sensor.
Remote Access Control Forward sensor information attached to an access control system to manage information of visitor access in the central server.
Home Security Activate a warning light or alarm once detecting movements with sensors connected with I/O contact signal.
Hacking Prevention Completely cut off break-in attempts from global hackers by turning the existing network communication into serial communication.
Pan Tilt Control Manage and control plenty of cameras with a single controller.
Security Access Control Gather access records of employees via network to manage employee time and attendance.