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Relay Output Extension Output signals from a sensor as desired values in the macro mode.
LCD Monitor Control Remotely control and monitor industrial LCD monitors with network connectivity embedded.
Remote Monitoring Establish a networking connection to remotely monitor various industrial equipment via Ethernet or Wireless LAN.
Flow Rate Observation Real-time data monitoring via network to enable efficient flow rate observation system.
Water Sensor Alarm Automatically set off an alarm when water level rises exceeds the permissible limit to avoid a disaster.
Internet Switch Set up a value to input port of a remote I/O controller to reflect to the output port of the other one as they set to Modbus/TCP Slave and Modbus/TCP Master each.
Typical Applications Convert serial data to TCP/IP data and vice versa to allow legacy devices to be accessible to the network for TCP/IP communication.
Multi-monitoring Manage several serial devices to access to a single of ezTCP for integrative monitoring.
SSLR (Sollae Serial Line Router) Run a pair of EZL-200F as a router to establish a networking connection between two Ethernet devices or networks. Suggested for a remote area.
Serial Tunneling Extend communication distance effectively by connecting serial devices with ezTCP.
Secure Communication Offer security protocols (SSL, SSH) to safely communicate over the network vulnerable to security.
RS485 to TCP/IP
Replace legacy system communicating via RS422/RS485 to LAN-based system without changing software.
ezTCP Concept Provide serial to TCP/IP conversion functions for serial devices to communicate via Ethernet or Wireless LAN networks in order to overcome limited communication distance, realise remote management system and facilitate remote monitoring and control.
Data Transfer via WLAN Data transfer wirelessly to help reduce installation cost along with unnecessary wiring.