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Renewable energy technologies produce sustainable, clean energy from sources such as the sun, the wind, plants, and water. Here, we will take a look at some examples how Sollae Systems’ products can be applied and contribute to the development of renewable energy technology.

Remote Rectifier Monitoring Real-time monitoring information of a rectifier such as alternating current, charging current, load current, etc. via network.
Circuit Breaker
Remote Control
Convert data from a circuit breaker and sends it to the main server to inform current situation of the site.
Energy Storage
Improve management efficiency of ESS by collecting data such as ESS batteries, temperature, electric current, voltage, etc. over the Internet.
Storage Battery Management Improve efficiency on data acquisition via network and facilitate real-time monitoring at a central control centre.
Solar Energy Management Enable remote monitoring system to check and monitor real-time data from an inverter.
Power Management Enable integrated electronic consumption management of a main server.
Wind Energy Management Forward collected HMI monitoring data of an electric power converter to a main server to facilitate remote monitoring.
Meter Reading
Add network capability to electricity, water and gas meters for integrated management of a central server.